Spiritual Sustenance (ZAYIN)

ZAYIN is the 7th Hebrew letter in the Torah representing, spiritual sustenance, often involving struggle, or being "cut off". It's word picture is that of a "weapon". The banner reflects the story of Ruth, the quintessential statement of "one born among the nations", a Moabitess, whose nation was "cut off' from the Covenantal People until the 10th generation (Deut 23:3). By Ruth's choice, she chose to align herself to the chosen People, thereby placing herself in the position to be in the "eternal" Royal Line of David, as his great grandmother. (Ruth 4:14, Hebrews 11). This decision also birthed the union of Boaz, the earthly Kinsmen redeemer, who was the proto-type of Yahshua the 'eternal' Kinsmen redeemer (Ruth 4:14, Rev. 5:5). Pictured in the banner is a "white dove" representative of the Jewish wind of Adonai, who wrote the Torah. Boaz is in the midst, covering Ruth with His skirt, ("Tallit, the Torah, The Name, HaShem). Ruth is seen harvesting the grain (.."Do not leave "THIS" harvestfield"..(Ruth 2:8,9) to bring back to Naomi (Yisrael). This encoded message is to all Gentiles to stay in Boaz's harvestfield of blessing, (Ruth 2:8,9) At the bottom of the banner is the No.12,000, the government of Adonai. At the end of the Age, there will be 12,000 from every tribe that will go forth to every nation (Rev. 7) preaching the "original Nazarene faith" once and for all delivered to the Saints, (Jude 1:3)..."And 'THIS' gospel shall be preached to all nations, as a witness, then the end shall come" (Matt. 24:14). This statement of the nations joined to Yisrael at the end of the Age also symbolizes the same message, that The Commonwealth of Yisrael are to be the "sheep nations" of THIS age (Matt. 25) In the divine science of the God of Yisrael, in His foreknowledge, to manfiest His approval of Ruth's "choice", her name spelled backward in Hebrew is, "Torah". In conclusion, Ruth represents Adonai's statement of being a choice 'weapon' in His hand.

The Song of Ruth