During the 400 years of seeming silence between both Covenants, God was weaving His great tapestry of Truth that Israel, The Olive Tree, was His eternal witness and root in which all of his Covenants are fulfilled and realized (Eph 2:12, 13, Isaiah 66:22, Romans 11). His New Covenant People who are presently partaking of Israel's Covenants are the forerunners preparing Israel to possess the New Covenant in the days to come. (Heb 8:10-13)

The messianic seal recently discovered in Jerusalem reveals that the First Century Messianic Believers worshipped a Jewish Messiah. The configuration of the seal shows that the 'fish' (Church) is connected to Israel, (The Menorah, and star of David) The Messianic Movement swept myriads of Jewish believers to Yahshua showing that historically there is a Jewish root for all peoples. This symbol undeniably reveals the oneness of the Two Covenantal peoples on the earth.