The Lord My Husband (PEH)

PEH is the 17th letter in the Hebrew language reflecting speech, preaching and the articulating of Praise through the organ of the mouth. This is one of the 5 letters that have a final form. The open peh is the speaking forth and the closed form is silence. Eccesiastes states "there is a time to speak and a time to be silent." The essence of man uses his mouth to fulfill his ultimate purpose of being created which is to study the Torah and to sing and praise the Almighty. " The dead praise not the L-rd, neither any that go down into silence" (Psalm 115:17)

In the Old Covenant book, The Song of Solomon, the Bridegroom King sings to His Beloved and she responds in reciprocal praises back to Him. This reflects God's great love for His people Israel and the marriage contract that was ratified on Mt Sinai. ( Ex. 19) So also, when Messiah celebrated the Passover, He was ratifying the New Covenant with His blood , thereby manifesting that same bridal love for His People, Israel. "Sing praises to the L-rd who dwells in Mt Zion. Declare among the people his doings" (Psalm 9:11)

The Lord My Husband