The Faithful God (NUN)

NUN is the 14th letter in the Hebrew language symbolizing God's faithfulness. It is through His faithfulness that we emerge when we fall. Because of His perfect faith toward His people, we are assured He will bring us back unto Himself when we fail in obeying His written Truth. Nun is one of the final letters that possess a final form. In its natural form, it reflects a man who is humbly bent down in submission to the will of God. The final Nun is a picture of the eternal state of the believer straight and upright in eternity.

In the scriptures, the Olive tree is a picture of God's eternal Covenant with Israel, in which He has manifested Himself through and by them as a people and nation. His special plan and purpose will ultimately lead to world redemption in the Age to come because of His faithfulness.

He has Chosen Zion