The Chief Cornerstone (KAF)

KAF is the 11th sacred letter in the Hebrew language. It is a symbol for 'crowning achievement' . Just as the crowning achievement in the creation act was 'man' , so the crowning achievement of God is the giving of His Son as our substitution for our sin, being the' sin bearer'. (I John 4:10)

Messiah was promised a "name given above all names" because He humbled Himself even unto the death of the cross. Because of this voluntary "choice" of Messiah, His Name and Personhood is exalted far above all others in heaven and earth (Phil.2:7-11))

We as His People have a choice to walk in obedience or disobedience, and we will also be given different crowns, in the world to come. (I Peter 5:4)

The banner has four corners with the Name Yahshua on it, and is entitled, "The Chief Cornerstone". (Psalm 118:22). Yahshua's Name in diamonds depicts the exaltation of His Name. The Menorah with 2 olive branches, with 12 leaves on both sides, features the divine order of God. The 12 Tribes from Israel, and the governmental order in the New Covenant church of 12 apostles and disciples.

The crown in the center of the banner is seen on every Tallit (The Jewish prayer shawl), and has each of the tribal stone colors in their successive order.
The Chief Cornerstone