The Son of the Blessed (BEIT)


Beit is the 2nd letter of the Hebrew langauge representing blessing. The word picture is that of a house. The right side of the banner represents the house of blessing, versus the left side, the house of the cursed. The bottom right is Moses, the appointed shepherd of Yisrael versus Pharaoh, the occultic leader of Egypt.

In the midst of the banner is a dove, the spirit of liberty and truth. To the left is the letter of the Torah seen in the stoning of an adultress woman.

To the top right is the right hand of Yahshua in the midst of the seven-branched Menorah, holding the seven congregations in His right hand (Revelation 1:12). To the left is the house of condemnation for those who rejected HaShem's right hand of salvation, the atonement of the Lamb (Leviticus 17:11, Revelation 20).

The Son of the Blessed