Perfect Peace(AYIN)

AYIN is the 16th letter in the Hebrew language symbolizing the eye, spiritual insight and perception. It is the organ of vision and direction. God has a perfect view of the past, present and future. His constant and directive are based on His foreknowledge of all things. "Behold the eye of the L-rd is upon them that fear him upon them that hope in His mercy" (Psalm) Jerusalem is the "apple of His eye".

Just as the human eye is the sensitive part of the human anatomy, so God's concern for her is parallel to this truth spiritually. Jersualem is the city of the great King, where His Messiah shall rule and reign out of Jerusalem forever on David's eternal dynasty. The light of the whole body is the eye. Out of 248 organs in the body, it is the eye that directs the entire body. The organ of the eye can be used for good or bad based on the condition of our heart and its inclination. If we love God with all our heart, mind, and soul, our eyes will be raised to heaven in submission and worship to Him.(John 4:24)

Perfect Peace in the World