The Ark is the container for the Ten Commandments, Moses' rod that budded, and the central symbol of God's presence with the people of Israel. The word 'Covenant' is associated with the Name of deity, who is enthroned between the Cherubim, (Psalm 99:1) In the New Covenant book of Revelation, The Ark of the Testament is opened in heaven, (Rev 15:5), and we see that Moses actually saw the "pattern" according to what existed already in heaven (Hebrew 8:5)

Recent scholarship has suggested that historically on a Coronation occasion, or festival of enthronement, the Ark was in the midst of His People reemphasizing the promised Davidic dynasty, and His glory that surround The Ark.

We can expect to see the appearance of The Ark, from its hiding in our midst, as the messianic Age draws nearer.